How to Purchase a Puppy

Reserving a Puppy

Picking order will be determined in the order reservation deposits are received.  We can give you more details on the deposit process, should you contact us with interest in a puppy.  Prior to Pura Vida Labradors extending an offer to interested adoptive families to put a deposit on a puppy, there will be an interview completed to assure there is a good match of the puppy with its new family. 

Puppies will be ready to go home once they are 8 weeks old.  They will be microchipped and have all vaccinations/ deworming up to date prior to being sent to their new home.  For information on purchase price, deposit details and contract, please contact us.

Picking Your Puppy

We reserve the right to the first pick of a female/male from any litter.  

Selection can be made as soon as puppy pictures/ videos are posted online.  If you would like to select your puppy in person an appointment will be scheduled once the puppies are 4 weeks old.

Whether you select online or in person, your pick must be made no later than when puppies are 5 weeks old. 

If you CANNOT make a selection by this time you will loose your spot in line so that other deposit holders or potential deposit holders can make their selection. It is not fair to hold up other deposit holders on their selection.

If the requested sex and colour are born and you decide NOT to purchase the puppy for any reason beyond this, your deposit is not refundable.

Visiting Your Puppy

We feel it is important for you to see your puppy regularly from birth until it goes home with you.  We will not be having any "in person" visits until the puppies are 4 weeks old (appointment must be made) in order to keep them safe and healthy from outside germs/viruses that they are not yet vaccinated against .  During that time we will be using live streaming and videos of the puppies for you to watch allowing you to see them grow each day in the first four weeks.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by email transfer or in person with cash.  

Contact us for more details and discuss next steps including a deposit contract.

Pick Up

Your puppy will be ready to go home at eight weeks after being microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and having a third check up by our house-call veterinarian, Dr. Stephanie Baldry.  

A pick up date and time will be scheduled that works best for both parties.


We have done testing to ensure our puppies will not have hip dysplasia, elbow problems, or Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC).  Six weeks of complimentary pet insurance will be provided to the pet owner to begin when the puppy is picked up.  Pet insurance is important and will prevent expensive veterinary costs in case of an accident/illness in the future.  

We will not provide refunds due to human allergies, disability, not bonding with the puppy or because the puppy is not what you expected.  If you decide you no longer can take care of the dog,  you must return the dog to us.  We want our puppies to have a safe and happy life long home.   Money will not be refunded for the original purchase, however, we will take ownership of the dog and make sure it finds a new home.  You will be entitled to half of the resale price of the dog, minus fees associated with change of CKC registration paperwork, and any other fees incurred while in our care.