KTL's Eat Drink & Be Chloe


Chloe is an English Labrador bred by KTLabradors and weighs 61 pounds.  She is a very active girl who loves her morning runs, playing fetch with her tennis ball and swimming in the pool.  When she's not running around she loves to sleep and cuddle with her family.  Chloe's first litter was born July 23, 2016.  She had her second litter on March 23, 2017.  She had her third and final litter on October 25, 2017.  She is no longer breeding and has retired to a fine life of fetching tennis balls and playing with her daughter Chica.

Health Records & Pedigree

Elbows: GOOD

Hips: GOOD

EIC: Carrier - Puppies are not affected when bred with stud that is EIC Clear.