About Us

Pura Vida Labradors is Canadian Kennel Club registered.  We breed English Labrador Retrievers in our home in Barrie, Ontario.  The puppies are raised from birth with lots of human interaction, love and attention.  They spend the majority of their days and nights with us.  Our goal is to match our puppies with a perfect forever home where they will give and receive lots of love.  

What makes us unique is that we like to use live streaming videos (Look under videos on Facebook Page) and pictures of the puppies each day from birth.  We spend a lot of time with the puppies and expose them to everyday sounds and activities of a home.   They have several visits from our veterinarian Dr. Steph and we provide regular updates on their weight and health.  By doing this we will hopefully make the transition to having a puppy in your home a very enjoyable experience.

We currently have no future litters planned.

We believe that our puppies and dogs must eat the best food possible, this is why we only use ROYAL CANIN as our food of choice!  Please visit their website for more information about their great products.


Puppy Owner Basics

Deciding to make a labrador retriever a part of your family is a  big decision. The Canadian Kennel Club has great information for you to read.  Follow the Learn more link below.

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